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Table Game Performance

Table Game Performance helps operators gain real-time accurate gaming table insight.


TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s Table Game Performance has been designed to enable casino operators to see accurate real-time data right across their gaming floor – whether it be players at tables or remote terminals – allowing them to make instant changes to increase efficiency and help implement change processes which can save them time and money

The analysis of historical wheel and table data also enables operators to understand the most efficient methods for optimising their table gaming performance. Real-time table data can be used to highlight areas and processes that need improving instantly, such as modify table limits, view live Roulette wheel analytics, observe dealer game speeds and more.


  • Pulls data from devices and combines with dealer performance data (turnover, spin rate) to display real-time dealer performance
  • Track game phases automatically or via touchscreen unit
  • Optimise each game phase duration
  • Provide real-time performance monitoring and feedback to managers
  • Increase hands per hour
  • Track accountability of staff
  • Define time parameters for key gaming stages such as betting time, finishing betting and ‘no more bets’ to help drive game speed
  • Real-time performance and error alerts
  • Provides more accurate forecasting



The system dashboard allows access to different analytics and reports based on user authority as well as a real-time dashboard which enables the current pit boss to clearly see how the tables they are managing are performing. This level of visibility allows pit or floor manager to see where tables are filling up and the average drop means an additional table may need opening.

With Table Game Performance each table can be analysed in real-time to see how best to optimise the gaming floor and increase revenues. For example:

  • Pit Selector – View live ‘table’ and ‘game,’ turnover, performance and notifications (Roulette only)
  • Reports – View historical ‘table’ and ‘game’ financial and performance reports (Roulette only)
  • Dealer Targets – Set ‘game state’ targets to assist dealers and improve game performance
  • Wheel Bias – View live and historical wheel data, check and monitor wheel integrity, quickly spot wheel irregularities
  • Chipper Champ Pro – View Chipper Champ Pro Camera and Wheel Bias Access Reports
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Centralised Management
Dealer and Game Performance
Pit and Table Information
Roulette Wheel Analysis
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