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Table Signage

Casino table signage helps to finish and compliment any live gaming table.


Table signage from TCSJOHNHUXLEY is the perfect way to compliment your gaming tables, clearly showing players the minimum and maximum table bets whilst also showcasing promotions and marketing information.

Our table signage is available in both gold and black and with two pole lengths, 6.1 and 8.7 inch, making it a flexible and easily adjustable solution to suite various game types and tables. In addition table signage from TCSJOHNHUXLEY is quick and easy to install and simple to secure to your gaming table.

The 7inch colour LCD display has a pivoting bracket which allows you to position the display screen at the optimum angle, communicating table min/maxs and promotional information clearly to players at the table and further across the gaming floor.

Featuring 1 to 6 customisable zones which support video, slideshow or scrolling text and with the ability to load/update content from a Mac or PC wether remotely via the casinos WiFi network or locally with a USB stick, TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s table signage is the ideal solution for all casinos.